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What Not to Get Your Mom for Mother's Day

Biscayne Shores Blog, Miami, FL  Avoid getting one of these overrated and uncreative gifts for your mom this Mother's Day. We are sharing what not to get.

Mother’s Day is coming up (Sunday, May 13th) and the Biscayne Shores Blog wants to help you avoid the mistake of getting your mom something lame or something that she will never use by sharing a post about what not to get your mom.  


Another Cheesy Mug

You know what we are talking about. The novelty mugs that have cheesy sayings on them like “World’s Best Mom” and things like that. You mom doesn’t want or need another one of these mugs, so do her a favor and don’t buy or make her one this year. An alternative could be to get her favorite brand of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate that she will actually drink.


Cleaning Supplies

Getting your wife or mom cleaning supplies for Mother’s Day, her birthday, or any other major holiday is unacceptable and a sure fire way to end up in the dog house. She cleans up after you all the time and giving her cleaning supplies is insulting and an easy way to ruin a day that was meant to be special.


Macaroni Art or Cheap Jewelry

Yes, maybe it was cute when you were a kid but macaroni art and jewelry is not as cool as you think it is. It will probably just end up in a drawer somewhere taking up space. Why not make your mom a delicious pasta dinner instead? Food is something that everyone can enjoy and appreciate!


A Gym Membership

Though your intentions may have been pure, getting your mom a gym membership is definitely going to send the wrong message. Just don’t go there, trust us. Exercise equipment is also a no go, unless she specifically asked for it.


We hope you enjoyed reading our post and that you learned what not to do. Have fun celebrating Mother’s Day with you mom this year here in Miami, FL and avoiding the pitfalls of getting her a bad gift. Share your good gift ideas with the rest of our apartment community in the comments.


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